Online Videos

10. Other Crop Harvesting

1. Manual Sugar Cane Harvesting in Fiji (3 min 53 sec) ****

This video demonstrates the hard physical toil involved in manual sugar cane harvesting. Creating employment for rural workers is clearly essential but the weary walk says it all.

2. Sugar Cane Harvesting in Louisiana (5 min 21 sec) *****

A complete contrast to the manual harvesting video. The rate of work is just astounding.

3. Sugar Cane Loaders Operating in Louisiana (3 min 18 sec) *****

No less impressive than the sugar cane cutting machinery is the on the move loading.

4. Cranberry Harvest (2 min 32 sec) ****

Fascinating insight to the harvesting of cranberry.

5. Cranberry Harvesting (1 min 28 sec) ***

Further insight to the harvesting of cranberry.

6. Hemp Harvesting (1 min 38 sec) ***

Excellent initial introduction to hemp harvesting in Canada.

7. Olive Harvesting (6 min 38 sec) ***

Tree shaker system used in Israel to harvest olives.

8. Cotton Picking (30 sec) ***

Short introduction to the cotton harvesting process.

9. Cotton Picking (1 min 56 sec) ****

Illustrates peanut harvesting and cotton production.

10. Coleseed Harvesting in Westerlee (1 min 39 sec) ****

Not a crop we are familiar with and so a useful video for farmers.