Online Videos

11. Balers and Straw Handling


1. Aerial View of Tractor Pulling Hay Baler (33 sec) ****

Very effective aerial view of big baler in operation.

2. Ancient Pick-up Baler in Operation (59 sec) *

Disappointing video of pick-up baler in operation. However it does illustrate the general process.

3. Pick-up Baler Operation (4 min 16 sec) ***

Useful video showing the main principles of a pick-up baler.

4. Bale Wrapper(1 min 23 sec) *****

Excellent video demonstrating the operation of a bale wrapper.

5. Claas Quadrant Big Baler (7 min 9 sec) *****
Atmospheric video of Claas Quadrant big baler.

6. Mid Roll Baler in Hay (1 min 47 sec)****

Useful video of mini-round balers in operation.

7. Pick up Baling (4 min 16 sec) ***

Pick-up baler in operation in various crop situations, including pine straw.