Online Videos

33. Forestry Machinery

1. Futuristic Forestry Machinery (1min 4 sec) ****

Well worth a viewing. Futuristic forestry walking machine developed by Plustech Oy in Finland.

2. Timberjack Walking Machine (1 min 32 sec) *****

Another video of the forestry walking machine

3. Tree Harvester in Operation (1 min 29 sec) ****

Whatever happened to the lumberjack? Excellent demonstration of modern forestry machinery showing both speed and agility.

4. Forestry Machinery Manufacturer Presentation (6 min 35 sec) ****

Excellent demonstration of the use of online video to market a company and its products.

5. Timber Handling in Brazil (2 min 56 sec) ****

Excellent video demonstrates the timber handling and transport process.

6. Tree Harvesting and Cutting in Brazil (2 min 57 sec) ****

Good demonstration of tree harvesting in Brazil.

7. Mannliche Tree Harvesting Machine (38 sec) *****

What can one say. These forestry guys have certainly led the way by demonstrating what their machinery can do via online video.

8. Timber Handling (4 min 9 sec) *****

Neat backing music to John Deere 810D unloading timber forwarder.

9. Timber Handling (3 min 27 sec) *****
Well made video of Ponsse Elk timber forwarder.