Online Videos

46. Miscellaneous

1. Farming Photographs (3 min 48 sec) *****

Very well constructed video based on still photography with lively country music backing track.

2. Farm Machinery Photographs (2 min 31 sec) ****

Good range of agricultural machinery photographs set to music.

6 University of Iowa Farm Machine Music (2.00 min) *****

It is difficult to tell whether or not this video is computer generated or real. Whatever the answer it is certainly very entertaining and worth a visit.

4. SolidWorks (2 min 35 sec) ****

Good demonstration of personal promotion of a CAD design product.

5. Agricultural Equipment Operator (1 min 14 sec) **

Useful introduction illustrating a career as an agricultural equipment operator.

6. Farm Equipment Mechanic (1 min 5 sec) **

Similar introduction to a career as a farm equipment mechanic.

7. Remittances from the USA to Latin America

Useful IFAD video demonstrating the benefits of remittances to local development projects in Latin America.

8. Monitoring Crop Prices in Tanzania

Useful illustration of market research by Tanzanian rice farmers.

9. Farming in Nebraska (9 min 59 sec)  ****

Neat backing music. Video covers a wide range of farming operations.

10. Neil Young: Harvest Moon. *****

Neil Young at his best. Nothing to do with agricultural machinery but sounds good to us.

11. Valmet Tractor Tricks (1 min 33 sec) ***

I guess that it's pretty boring in Scandinavia in the winter. Dancing Valmet tractor.