Online Videos

8. Grain Harvesting

1. John Deere 9000 Combine Harvester (8 min 8 sec)  ******

First Class! Excellent John Deere promotional video of its JD 9000 combine harvester.

2. Claas Combine Harvester (2 min 45 sec) ******

Excellent video of the Claas Lexion combine harvester in operation.

3. Combine Harvesting (18 sec) ****

Excellent short video demonstrating hillside combine harvester in operation.

4. Tractor Trailed Combine Harvester in Operation (36 sec) ***

Illustrates very well the traditional swathing of wheat for natural drying followed by the subsequent grain separation by a trailed combine harvester.

5. Soybean Harvesting (1 min 51 sec) ***

Useful video of the combine harvesting of soybeans.

6. John Deere Combine Harvester (55 sec) ***

Clear demonstration of combine harvester in operation.

7. Maize Harvest (4 min 18 sec) ****

Good illustration of maize harvesting processes with backing music. Excellent mixture of video and photographs.

8. Soybean Harvest (3 min 40 sec) ****

Well constructed video illustrating the soybean harvest. The backing music certainly adds to the interest.

9. Maize Harvesting (2 min 1 sec) ****

Clear demonstration of the maize harvesting process.

10. Hand Harvesting of Rice (19 sec) ***

A useful comparison with mechanical rice harvesting.

11. Mechanical Rice Harvesting ****

Useful video showing Japanese rice harvester in operation.

12. Barley Harvesting (4 min 45 sec) ****

Barley harvesting in Scotland.

13. Rice Harvesting (24 sec) ***

Rice combine harvesting machinery.

14. Multicrop Thresher in Operation ( 1 min 57 sec) **

Useful demonstration of multicrop thresher in operation. Illustrates that even small-scale manufacturers can promote their products globally via online video.

15. Claas Medion Combine Harvester

German language video of Claas Medion Combine Harvester.