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14(a) Water Pumps and Pump Engines


Selected Country Listings

USA. 2.Canada. 3.United Kingdom.

Germany. 5.France. 6.Italy.

7.Netherlands. 8.Denmark. 9.India.


Rest of the World Listings

1. ALIM Industries Ltd, Bangladesh.

Anatole (Taiwan) Co. Ltd, Taiwan.

Ashtad Iran Manufacturing Industries Co Ltd, Iran.

Bauer, Austria

Beijing Bauch Machine Technology Co Ltd, China.

China Irrigation Qizhou Group Co Ltd, China.

Ebara, Brazil.

Farmland Engineering Ltd, Bangladesh.

Hangzhou Agricultural Machinery Company, China.

Hidrogarden, Brazil.

Hilray Pumps, Zimbabwe.

Irricampo, Brazil.

Jimenez, Brazil.

KSB Bombas Hidraulicas S.A., Brazil.

Leao, Brazil.

Mirpur Agricultural Workshop and Training School, Bangladesh.

Pakistan Engineering Company, Pakistan.

Sistemaq, Brazil.

P.T.C.V. Suratman, Indonesia.

Malcolm Thompson Pumps, Australia.

Wuxi Worldbest Kama Machinery Co Ltd, China.

Progres SA., Spain. **

SRS Crisafulli, Inc., USA.

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Address: SRS Crisafulli, Inc., 1610 Crisafulli Drive, PO Box 1051, Glendive, MT 59330, USA.

Telephone: + 1 406 365 3393

Fax: + 1 406 365 8088

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Company Profile

Farmers & Ranchers Rely on Crisafulli Products

Proven ways to make your agricultural pumping jobs easier

When the first Crisafulli portable PTO-powered 'trailer pump' rolled out the factory doors in the mid-60's, it was because farmers needed a convenient, efficient method of taking water from the Yellowstone River. Now, shrewd Ag producers around the world use Crisafulli's portable PTO powered trailer pumps for high-volume water transfer, to take water off crops saturated by rain and to transfer water to row and flood-irrigated crops. Strawberry farmers and corn producers use their Crisafulli pumps to take water off their fields during heavy rains, while cotton farmers row irrigate with their trailer pumps. Growers who raise cranberries, alfalfa, and rice flood irrigate with high-volume, conveniently portable Crisafulli trailer pumps. Water being the precious (and sometimes costly) resource that it is for growers worldwide, capture of tailwater in gravity-fed sumps has become common; from the sumps, Crisafulli pumps transfer tailwater for beneficial re-use.

Rugged, reliable, versatile Crisafulli Pumps are moving millions of gallons of water & waste at locations around the world.

Crisafulli Trailer Pumps are powered from the power take-off (PTO) fitting on any tractor, or by diesel, electric, gas, or LP fueled engines mounted on the pump frame, or by a Crisafulli Power Unit, mounted on the pump's frame or a separate trailer or skid. (Power units can be sized to power any Crisafulli pump.)

Crisafulli Vertical Pumps are perfect for permanent (rather than portable) installations.

Crisafulli Hydraulic Pumps are ideal for waste handling; add a slurry gate to make your pump a powerful mixer. Open the gate to mix, then close it to pump away the slurry. Slurry gates are also available on Trailer Pumps.

Crisafulli's Trailer, Vertical & Hydraulic Pumps are available in discharge sizes to 24", and flows ranging up to 18,000 gallons per minute.

Specify the Crisafulli Axial Flow pump line for your very highest flow applications. With flows ranging to 50,000 gallons per minute, there's a Crisafulli that can meet your requirements. A choice of unique pump impeller designs gives you more flexibility; the closed impeller moves a high volume of water, while the open impeller can handle slurries, trash, dirt and solids.

Crisafulli Pumps in standard configurations are stocked at our factory, or can be fabricated and customized specifically to your needs.

While there are higher efficiency pumps out there for clean water, they often can't handle the variety of materials Crisafulli Pumps can handle. When the water is dirty, you can count on a Crisafulli Pump to handle the grit without seizing.

Agricultural applications for Crisafulli Pumps:

(i) Irrigation (ii) Dewatering (iii) Tailwater re-use (iv) Dairy & Hog Waste management (v) High-volume water transfer from ditches, canals, rivers.

Lyle Pickthorn, a farmer & Crisafulli pump owner says: "My Crisafulli Trailer Pump has served me well for 15 years. Not one thing has gone wrong. One word of caution: be sure you have a good supply of water and a long ditch."

Crisafulli Pumps - proud to serve Agriculture for over 30 years. Please contact us today to order your Crisafulli Pump or to discuss your special applications.