Denharco, Canada

Company Contact Address:

Address: Denharco, 5110 Beaudry Avenue, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada J2S 8AZ.

Telephone: + 1 450 773 5454

Fax: + 1 450 773 3203

E.mail address:


Company Profile

Denharco Inc. - Manufacturer of Forest Harvesting and
Handling Equipment.

Denharco designs forest harvesting equipment. We have
forty years of experience in the design and manufacture
of stroke delimbers, harvesters, fellers, mini-skidders,
log handlers and cut to length measuring systems.

Boom Delimber - Log Handler - Forestry Equipment -
Harvesting Equipment - Mini Skidder - Measuring
System - Forestry Industry - Fibre Optimization -
Stroke Delimber.


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