Netafim Ltd., Israel

Company Contact Address:

Address: Netafim Ltd., Corporate Headquarters, 161 Arlozorov Street, Tel Aviv 64922, Israel.

Telephone: +972 8 647 4747

Fax: +972 3 691 1962

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Company Profile

Drip irrigation pioneer and global leader, Netafim delivers innovative solutions that increase crop yields and preserve scarce water resources.

Netafim leverages cutting-edge, core drip irrigation technologies and extensive agronomic expertise to provide end-to-end solutions for Biofuel energy, open-field crop and landscaping irrigation, turnkey greenhouse projects, wastewater management, and advanced crop management and monitoring systems.

Netafim's Agricultural Division supplies worldwide customers with agrotechnical guidance, support, and diverse solutions for orchards, vineyards, field crops, vegetables, and organic agriculture. Netafim's Engineering and Projects Division offers customers comprehensive support with modular, tailored solutions from initial feasibility studies to post harvesting technologies.

Netafim also delivers Farm Management services to large farms providing technological, managerial and agronomic solutions. With over 2000 employees, 14 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries, more than 30 subsidiaries, and distribution presence in over 110 countries, Netafim has global sales of more than $400 million.

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