Gambettibarre srl, Italy.

Company Contact Address:

Address: Gambettibarre srl, Via della Cooperazione 20, 40026 Imola, Bologna, (BO), Italy.

Telephone: + 39 0542 648511

Fax: + 39 0542 640539

E.mail address:


Company Profile

Gambettibarre company since 1971 produces spraying
machines and equipment that are currently considered
the best of Italian production and competitive with the
best machines offered on the world market.

We are manufacturing a complete range of spraying
machines able to satisfy all the demands of the market
with tractor mounted sprayers from 200 to 1200 lt,
trailed sprayers from 1500 to 4000 lt and self propelled
from 1600 to 3000 lt; the booms are width from 3 to
36 mt with both manual and hydraulic folding.

The foreign market constitutes 75% of the total turnover
and the exportations are mainly effected towards all the
European Countries, Australia, New Zealand, South
Africa and in a lower measure in other nations. In these
last years we got good business relationship with
companies located in South America and Mexico. The
long experience, a strongly innovative spirit and the
versatility of the products, well conjugated with the rules
of the industrial production, make of Gambettibarre one
of the world's most specialised companies in this field.

Moreover Gambettibarre has recently started a new
production line of spraying machines for amenity areas.
The product has currently received a good interest
especially from the foreign market.

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