Ace Pump Corporation, USA.

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Address: Ace Pump Corporation, PO Box 13187, 1650 Channel Avenue, Memphis, TN 38113, USA.

Telephone: + 1 901 948 8514

Fax: + 1 901 774 6147

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Company Profile

ACE Pump Corporation, the performance leader in the pump industry, was founded in 1945. Ace Pump manufactures centrifugal pumps, roller pumps, and Valvtec® ball valves for agricultural spraying, off road equipment, air conditioning, and refrigeration applications. Ace has supplied centrifugal, roller, and diaphragm pumps for the application of herbicides, insecticides, and liquid fertilizers, but Ace is best known for offering the widest variety of centrifugal pumps for Ag Spray applications.

Ace Pump also manufactures a complete line of air conditioning and refrigeration centrifugals. Pump sizes available from 1" x 1" through 3" x 3" close coupled to1/3 through10 horsepower 1750 and 3450 RPM motors. Ace is the complete source for 100% factory tested centrifugal pumps. The Ace Model 77 diaphragm pump is also an industry standard for use in descaling acid service.

Over fifty years of serving these industries has fostered a wealth of experience. The knowledgeable, accessible, hands-on management group at Ace continues to remain close to the fields and markets that are served. This enables Ace to consistently supply the products and services needed.


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