Vande Weerd Combine Inc., USA.

Company Contact Details:

Address: Vande Weerd Combine Inc., 2553 320th Rock Valley, IA USA 51247

Telephone: + 1 712-476-2286

Fax: + 1 712-476-5410

E.mail address:



Company Profile

Vande Weerd Combine has been involved in combine and tractor salvage for over 30 years. Our experience is what allows us to quickly understand your needs, and determine the fastest way to get you what you need. Vande Weerd offers a wide range of services including combine and farm machinery salvage, used and new parts sales, as well as a complete manufacturing facility. We produce ausherman rasp bars, concaves, and cornhead parts, along with refitting and repair.

Vande Weerd is also the manufacturer of Polytin, a unique replacement tinwork which offers tremendous durability and weight savings. Polytin is available in standard equipment sizes, and we also offer custom manufacturing for your tin replacement needs.

Please visit any of our websites to learn more about the products and services we provide. If you need to locate general ag parts for all types of farm equipment, please visit the Ag Parts Locator. If your requirements are specific to combines and combine equipment, please go to CombineParts.Com. And if you are replacing combine tinwork, please check out our Polytin facility, where we make the tinwork of the future!


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