John Blue Company, USA.

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Address: John Blue Company, 290 Pinehurst Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35806, USA.

Telephone: + 1 256 721 9090

Fax: + 1 256 721 9091

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Company Profile

At the turn of the 20th century, a blacksmith in Laurinburg, North Carolina, developed a horse drawn fertilizer spreader. It was tough accurate and dependable and as the word spread, so did the John Blue name. The John Blue Company formed in 1886 to meet the demands of the American farmer. In 1945, as cotton became king, John Blue Company moved to Huntsville, Alabama. This allowed them to be near both various steel mills and the cheaper transportation provided by the Tennessee River. It also kept them close to the farmer and his needs and demands by being in the heart of cotton country.

Through the years, John Blue Company has continued to be responsive as farming has become more technically advanced. They have a modern 32,000-plus square foot manufacturing facility to ensure quality and reliable products that the farm industry has grown to expect.

All employees are thoroughly trained and have extensive knowledge in their respective fields. They are available to provide you with solutions to your problems and answers to your questions. They provide quick, responsive assistance whether you are just across the street or halfway around the world. This kind of dependability, dedication and determination is why John Blue Company is known as "The Pump Company."

John Blue Company has been the leader in the agricultural industry for more than a century due to quality products, technological advancements and exceptional service. Of course, they are never satisfied, and they are constantly updating current products and introducing new ones. Finally, John Blue Company is unprecedented in the industry with an unconditional guarantee: "Guaranteed to Do the Job."

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