Adkins-Werntoft of NA, Inc., USA.

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Address: Adkins-Werntoft of North America Inc., 2185 Angelia M. Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301 - 9140, USA.

Telephone: + 1 910 483 5349, Toll Free: 1 800 476 9274

Fax: + 1 910 483 2175

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Company Products

1. Robotic Pig Housing Pressure Washers

2. Pressures Washers

TM Pigs 820 Robot provides you with an automated swine house wash down machine. Never before has anything like the TM Pigs 820 Robot been offered to the North Amercian Swine Industry. State of the Art technology combines with the need for a better way. Taking one of the most labor intensive jobs on the farm and turning it into a simple task. The TM Pigs 820 Robot holds several exclusive patents both in Europe and in the United States.

The TM Pigs 820 Robot's frame is constructed of high quality Stainless Steel. The Robot steers it's way down the aisle driving itself by means of an automated four-wheel chain drive. It has an onboard high pressure pump and adjustable sprayer booms. Mechanically maneuvered on the sprayer boom, the nozzles are able to cover the whole area - floor, confinement crates, ceilings, walls, equipment, etc. The TM Pigs Robot has been thoroughly tested since 1994 and has proven itself to be a tried and true asset to any swine operation, slashing labor costs.

TM Pigs 820 Robot is here and ready to do the cleaning while you wean,.. or do paperwork,.. or load out,.. or medicate,.. or maybe even relax.




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