CTS Cleaning Systems Inc., USA.

Company Contact Address:

Address: CTS Cleaning Systems Inc., 2185 Angelia M. Street, Fayetteville, NC 28312, USA.

Telephone: + 1 910 483 5349: Toll Free: 1 800 476 9274

Fax: + 1 910 483 2175

E.mail address: sales@ctsclean.com

Website: http://www.ctsclean.com

Company Products

1. Disinfectant Cleaning Systems (Pig and Poultry Farming)

2. Pressure Washers

The All New Germinator from CTS Cleaning Systems is a totally new concept in sanitizing. Foam Clings to Everything - so for the first time you can actually SEE what has been disinfected and more importantly - what hasn't. The Patent Pending Germinator is so easy to use that once you get your hands on it - you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. The Germinator combines air by an onboard air compressor and water with a foaming agent and your regular disinfectant to produce a concentrated lather that grips to the surface like shaving cream. It works with any standard disinfectant on the market today - high or low pH, -phenyls, quats, bleaches - whatever you use - the Germinator will foam it on. The Germinator provides you the security of knowing that the correct dosage is being applied. That the disinfectant is clinging to the surface - utilizing it's full potential - instead of simply running off into the pit. The result is a better biosecurity method. Foaming does not atomize disinfectant into the air - thus your employees are not exposed to or breathing the disinfect into their lungs - thereby providing you and your employees a healthier, happier work environment while decreasing your potential liability risk.



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