Trasta Ltd, Czech Republic.

Company Contact Address:

Address: Trasta Ltd, Holzova 9, 62800 Brno, Czech Republic.

Telephone: + 420 544 21 13 32

Fax: + 420 544 21 13 32

E.mail address:


Company Products

1. Zetor Tractors

2. Seats

3. Tractor and Implement Parts

4. Mowers

5. Manure Spreaders

Company History

1998 Enhanced company activities with the import and selling of accessories and equipment as representative of foreign companies

1997 Decreasing of services for agricultural cooperatives

1995 Dealership of Desta forklifts including replacement parts selling and service

1993 Enhanced company activity with the Zetor tractor replacement parts and service

1992 Dealership agreement with Zetor executed, beginning of agricultural machinery selling

1991 Establishment of company because the privatization of former agricultural service center



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