Titan France SA, France.

Company Contact Address:

Address: Titan France SA, Usine de Saint Georges des Groseillers, Route de Vassey, F61102 Flers, France.

Telephone: + 011 33 2 3398 2718

Fax: + 011 33 2 3398 2701

E.mail address:E.mail address: sales.titan@wanadoo.fr

Website: http://www.titanitalia.com

Contact: Jean-Pierre Bourdelot

Agricultural Products:

(i) Idlers for track type excavators, dozers and loaders

(ii) Ramp Brakes from 4" to 9.5" diameter

(iii) Agricultural Wheels from 15" to 52" diameter

(iv) Agricultural wheels for use at high speed

(v) Tyre fitting

Other Products

Wheel and tyre systems for the earthmoving, construction and mining industries.

Wheel Manufacturing Facilities

Rim Rolling facility to manufacture rims 4mm - 8mm thick

Robotic Welding for fixed and adjustable wheels

Automated Paint Plant :- Pretreatment, E-coat, Powder Finish

Automated assembly facility for adjustable wheels

Plant lines for assembling tube type and tube less tyres.

Brake manufacturing Facilities

Extensive Research and Development Department

20 years of experience in wet brake applications

Patented Brake Systems, customisation of product

Department for Dyno, Climatic, Fatigue and road testing

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