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17(e) Vegetable and Rootcrop Cleaners

1. Alvan Blanch Development Co Ltd, UK.

CTM Harpley, UK.

E.W. Downs & Son Ltd, UK.

Haith-Tickhill Group, UK.

Terry Johnson Ltd, UK.

Tickhill Engineering Co Ltd, UK.

Tong Peal Engineering Ltd., UK.

CTM Harpley, UK.

Company Contact Address:

Address: CTM Harpley, Cross Street, Harpley, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 6TJ, United Kingdom.

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1485 520355

Fax: + 44 (0) 1485 520062

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Company Profile

Whether you are a sugar beet grower or haulier... you need a totally reliable cleaner loader that matches your loading needs and the increasingly stringent dirt tare standards imposed by the factories.

Over 50 years of close liaison with our customers and the processors has established a standard that is second to none and a range of cleaner loaders that offers the flexibility to meet your needs more accurately than before.

Product Profile

- 1 to 3 tonne a minute throughput.

- Ease of handling for fast set up including powered self -locking elevator.

- Choice of axle/wheel configurations for excellent manouevrability and stability. Steering axle may be fitted to either end.

- Heavy gauge steel hoppers designed for loading from 3 sides.

- High ground clearance and flared chassis design for ease of soil removal and uninterrupted operation.

- Pick off table options for high usage and extended elevator conveyor which provides a pick off facility suitable for occasional use.

- Reliable, low maintenance aircooled diesel engines with electric start and protection system. The engine provides plenty of torque across a variable speed range. Complies with latest EU emission legislation.

- Large capacity fuel tank for uninterupted use.

- Conveyors and elevators with sealed rollers and webs proven for long, trouble free service and minimum beet damage.

- Energy efficient twin pump hydraulics provide smooth speed control in hoppers and pick off conveyors.