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14(j) Irrigation Tubes and Pipelines


1. Albion Rubber & Plastics, UK.


Albion Rubber & Plastics, UK.

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Address: Albion Rubber & Plastics, PO Box 5983, Derby, DE21 2ZP, United Kingdom.

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1332 281914

Fax: + 44 (0) 1332 280290

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Company Profile

Agricultural products currently supplied include bespoke manufactured PVC Irrigation Tube, Hose Reels, Irrigation Drag Hose, Slurry Hose and many more items from our range. Please call now for more information and advice. A full range of rigid pipelines, tubes, fittings, valves and accessories are available. These can be delivered via 24 hour carrier, standard carrier or our own transport.

Our business was founded upon the manufacture of small profile PVC tube and extrusions, and the sale of hose, rubber and related products to other distributors. We are keen to expand the manufacturing side of our business, with the development of our own products. At the same time we wish to forge new relationships, and opportunities to supply OEM's and end users with our wide range of products and services, both in house manufactured and factored. While we are happy to supply one-offs, our business in increasingly geared to working in partnership with our customers to provide a full package of products and services, delivered to suit their needs, at a price that meets their expectation in this ever changing and competitive environment. This web site has been developed to spark an interest in us, and to provide a small window into the possibilities afforded by our culture of co-operation and innovation, in the hope that we can add to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers and suppliers.

We have in the past and are currently supplying a wide variety of products to a wide range of industries, some of these include: Agriculture, Horticulture, Aquatics, Fishing Tackle, Automotive, Engineering Woodworking, Glazing, Commercial Vehicles, Pumps, Water Treatment, Building, Civil Engineering, Ducting, Garden Centres, Hydroponics, Waste Disposal and Electrical Assembly.

As well as exhibiting amazing diversity, our customer base is also geographically diverse. We regularly despatch our wares to the four corners of the UK and other EU member states, we have also supplied customers in the Middle East. The Agricultural and Horticultural industries have always been of major importance to our business. With the continuing introduction of new products we hope to strengthen our ties with these industries still further.