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1. Abbey Machinery Ltd, Ireland.

Richard Pearson Ltd, UK.

Standen Engineering, UK.

Richard Pearson Ltd, UK.

Company Contact Address:

Address: Richard Pearson Ltd, Priory Road, Freiston, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE22 0JZ, United Kingdom.

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1205 760383

Fax: + 44 (0) 1205 761064

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Company Profile

- 1950's • Richard Pearson Limited in 1955. Pioneers in Mechanical Harvesting of sugar beet.

- 1960's • Introduced and pioneered Mechanical Harvesting in the UK with both one row and two row potato harvesters.

- 1970's • The birth of de-stoning - pioneered and progressed by Pearson into a commercial success. Made possible by investment in the patented two row-over system. Soil separation revolutionised potato planting and harvesting and allowed farmers to grow potato in hitherto impossible soils and conditions.

- 1980's • ROLLASTAR - the very first non-web separation and cleaning system designed, patented and introduced by Pearsons, for the first time, into a potato harvester. Such was the efficiency of the Rollastar that harvesters broke the capacity barrier and 10 acres+ per day became a reality. Grading lines around the World, both fixed and mobile, benefit from Rollastars' gentle, effective star separation.

- 1990's • MEGASTAR - 20 years of soil conditioning experience saw the birth of the Megastar, the realisation of a dream when it's patented, unique All-Star design gave previously unreachable levels of accuracy and reliability. The Megastar broke the capacity barrier with over 20 acres a day. Awarded two Silver Medals.

GALAXY - the successor to the Rollastar, is a patented New Generation Star Separator and Cleaner. The most advanced system of its kind in the world and with further developments became the "separator for all seasons". Fast becoming the Growers' choice for the latest generation of grading line & handling machinery.

ENTERPRISE PLUS 2000 HYDRO - the first all hydraulic drive, high capacity, trailed two row harvester. Introduced the first ever true modular system for quick change of the main separation modules. Sets new standards for achieving the highest quality of harvested produce in all soil conditions.

MAVERICK and QUALITY MASTER - intermediate and ultra compact lightweight harvesters, with the Galaxy star cleaner at the heart of the machines. New standards have been set for simplicity and performance.

2000's and beyond...

- • Into the Millennium with the new STAR FLOW pre-cleaner separator and the dedicated ENTERPRISE STAR STREAM carrot harvester. Yet again, Pearsons have pushed back the boundaries for attaining high yields, quality and speed of harvesting.

- • MEGASTAR ACTIFLOW the scientific approach to soil separation.

Our mission, produce machines that are capable of harvesting crops in all conditions to the high quality standards required around the world. To meet the growers needs today and in the future….