Concept Grain Systems, UK.

Turn Key Projects:

Industrial specified buildings built to comply with latest British Standards to your own requirements using Geni booms, scissor lifts and roof hand railing to comply with Health and Safety requirements. Construction of foundations for stanchion bases, stripping of site, hardcore consolidated preliminary base, powerfloat floor with expansion/compression joints and outer ring beams to suit grain walling.

Steel framed buildings, steelwork either galvanised or painted can be provided using 'Z' type galvanised sheeting rails and purlins. Normally roofs are covered using 6" Profile Fibre Cement Sheets with reinforced mesh with all vertical cladding using plastic coated steel sheets. Grain walling can be provided either 8'/10' high level fill or surcharged up to 20' high.

Internal drying floors can be constructed:

- GFT Type below floor tubes with galvanised mesh strips.
- Level floor grain laterals set in rebated concrete strips at 3' centres.
- Level concrete powerfloat floor with above floor galvanised laterals.
- Level concrete powerfloat floor with timber hardwood/softwood run over floors utilising steel/timber main centre airducts.

Automatic Control Systems for humidity and temperature controls:

- Centrifugal fan and axial available with warm air assisted from Harvest Installations humidity control units.
- Low Volume ventilation to floor stores using vertical grain pedestals supplied by Martin Lishman.

To comply with the latest health and safety regulations we undertake to provide all necessary paperwork on site in accordance with the requirements of the relevant authorities for safety at work.

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