DAL-BO A/S, Denmark.

Company Contact Address:

Address: Maskinfabrikken DAL-BO A/S, Bindeballevej 69, Bindeballe, DK-7183 Randbol, Denmark.

Telephone: + 45 75 88 35 00

Fax: + 47 75 88 31 57

E.mail address: info@dal-bo.dk

Website: http://www.dal-bo.com

Company Products

1. Rollers and Packers

2. Offset/Tandem Disc Harrows

3. Chisel Plough/Cultivator

4. Field Cultivator

5. Combination Grain Drill Equipment

Maskinfabriken DAL-BO A/S is a company which has primarly specialized in manifacturing machines for soil cultivation for todays agriculture. The primary production is rollers for field work. The assortment is very large. Today DAL-BO is considered as one of the biggest roller manufacturers in Europe. Another large product group where DAL-BO has been pioneer´s in Denmark are furrow presses for the plough and mounted to the tractor. Stubble is also a sphere where DAL-BO is active as well. DAL-BO is here offering a large assortment of disc-harrows and chisel harrows. Finally a program of combination implements "one pass" meet any demand.



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