Indian Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Company Index (C)

** indicates active manufacturer Website link

Calama Industries Pvt. Ltd. India. **

Canara Agro Industries, India.

Cannon Engineering Industries, India.

Cartex Auto Systems, India.

Central Agricultural Engineering Workshop, India.

Central Electric Mechanical Industries, India.

Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, India.

Chakkaram Plough Industries, India.

Champion Agro Industries, India.

Champion Engineering Works, India.

Chemiplast Group, India. **

Chintamani Enterprises, India.

Chitra Engineers . India.

Chopra and Sons, India.

Choudhary Agro Industries, India.

Choudhary Engineering Works, India.

Cimbria Unigrain India, India. **

Clutch Auto Limited, India.

Construction Equipment Co., India.

Corning, India.

Coromandel Indag Products Pvt. Ltd., India.

Cossul & Co Pvt Ltd, India.

Crossword Agro Industries, India. **

Crown Engineers, India.

Crown Gaskets , India.