Indian Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Company Index (F)

** indicates active manufacturer Website link

FAG Bearings India Limited, India.

Falcon Industries, India.

Farm Equipments Corporation, India.

Farm Implements (I) Pvt Ltd, India.

Farm Implements (India) Pvt. Ltd., India.

Farm Implements India Private Limited, India.

Farmparts Company, India.

Fauji Engineering Works. India..

Federal-Mogul Automotive Products (India) Pvt. Ltd., India.**

Fenner (India) Limited, India.

FFC Controls (India) Pvt.Ltd., India.

Field Worthy Equipment Ltd, India. **

Fiem Industries Ltd.,India.

Fine Engineering Works, India.

Fine Fabrication Works, India.

Flex Industries Limited. India.

Flour Tech Engineers Private Limited, India.

Food Systems Asia . India.

Forsberg Agritech India Private Limited, India. **

Fowler Westrup (India) Pvt. Ltd., India. **

Friends Agro Industries, India.

Frizen (A Division Of SS Stainless) . India.

Fusion Inc, India.