Indian Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Company Index (M)

** indicates active manufacturer Website link

Maco Private Limited., India

Madho Mechanical Works, India.

Madhu Enterprises, India

Madhu Irri-Tech, India.

Madhya Pradesh State Warehousing Corpn, India

Mag Filters Equipments Pvt Ltd, India

Maharashtra Agro Industrial Development Corporation, India.

Mahavir Aluminium Ltd., India.

Mahavir Trading Company, India.

Mahendra Industries, India

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, India. **

Mahindra Procession. India.

Malik Chemi Process Pvt. Ltd. India.

Malloys India, India. **

Mamta Iron Works, India.

Manak Industries, India.

Manchanda Steel. India.

Mani Lall & Co., India.

Manika Enterprise, India.

Manikam Radiators Pvt Ltd, India

Manish Fab High Tech, India. **

Mankoo Agro Industries, India.

Mann Engineering Works. India.

Manpreet Agro Industries, India.

Mark Auto Industries Ltd, India

Marshall Foundry Works Pvt Ltd. India.

Maruti Inc., India. **

Mather and Platt (India) Limited, India.

Matthey India Pvt Ltd., India

Max Pref Tools. India.

Maxcare Marketing & Technical Services . India.

Mech Air Industries, India. **

Mecpro Heavy Engineering Ltd., India.

Mega Exports, Jalandhar, India.

Megha Plastics, India.

Meghdoot Polypipes, India.

Mekins Agro Products (Pvt) Ltd, India.

Menon Group, India

Mentex Engg. Pvt. Ltd. India.

Metal Fabricators, India.

Metal Pressings, India.

Micro Engg. India.

Micro Tools . India.

Millmore Engineering Pvt Ltd, India. **

Minda Group, India

Minerva Motors, India.

M.K.Sales Corporation, India.

Modern Agro Kendra, India.

Modern Industries. India..

Modern Sprayers Pvt. Ltd, India.

Mohan Iron Foundry, India.

Mohinder & Co Allied Industries, India.

Monotype India Limited, India.

Monterio Equip Inc., India.

Motor Industries Co. Ltd, India

M.P. Engineering Works, India.

MNR Bearings, India

M.R. Steel Forging Pvt Ltd. India.

M.S. Industries. India.

Mukerian Solar Devices, India.

Mukul Brothers Engineering Works Ltd., India. **

Mundra & Company,India