Indian Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Machinery Index (A-G)




Aerators - Slurry Tank

Agitators - Slurry Tank

Air Compressors

Animal Drawn Planter/Drill

Animal Drawn Plough/Plow

Animal Drawn Cultivators and Harrows

Animal Feed Milling Machinery

Asparagus Harvesters

Attachments - Grain Harvesting

Attachments - Tractor



Backhoe Digger/Loaders

Bagging and Packaging Machinery

Bale Handling Equipment

Bale - Self-Loading Trailers

Bale Shredders

Bale Trailers

Bale Wrappers

Balers - Conventional

Balers - Big Square and Round

Bean Harvesters

Bed Formers

Beef Processing Equipment

Binders - Reaper

Bins - Grain/Feed

Biogas Digesters

Biogas Power

Borehole Drilling Machinery

Borehole Lining and Filter Equipment


Buildings - Farm - General



Cages - Poultry

CDA Sprayers

Centrifugal Water Pumps

Chain Saws

Chemical Weed Wiper System

Chisel Plough/Plow

Cleaners - Grain

Cleaners - Vegetable and Rootcrop

Clod Separators

Combine Harvesters

Combine Harvesters - Rebuilt and Used

Combine Harvesters - Replacement Parts


Cool and Refrigerated Storage

Cotton Picker/Stripper Harvesters

Crawler Tractors

Crop Storage Monitoring Equipment

Crop Weighing Machinery

Cultivators - Animal Drawn

Cultivator - Combination Grain Drill

Cultivator - Field Tine

Cultivator - Inter Row

Cultivator - Reciprocating

Cultivator - Rotary


Dairy Processing Equipment

Digger - Rotary Spade

Direct Grain Drills

Disc Harrows - Heavy - Primary Tillage

Disc Harrows - Heavy Duty Offset - Land Development

Disc Harrows - Offset - Secondary Tillage

Disc Harrows - Tandem - Secondary Tillage

Disc Plough/Plow

Ditchers - Tractor Mounted

Ditchers - Farmland Maintenance

Drainage Channel Excavation Machinery

Drainage Channel Maintenance Machinery

Drainage - Plastic Pipe Excavation and Laying Machinery

Drainage - Sub-surface Maintenance Machinery

Drainage - Tile Excavation and Laying Machinery

Driers - Grain - Batch

Driers - Grain - Bulk In-Store

Driers - Grain - Continuous Flow

Driers - Grain - Mobile

Driers - Grass/Hay

Driers - Tea

Drills - Animal Drawn

Drills - Grain - Combination Cultivator

Drills - Grain - Conventional and Pneumatic

Drills - Grain - No-Till/Direct

Drip Irrigation Systems


Earthmoving Scrapers and Graders

Egg Collection Equipment


Engines - Diesel and Petrol

Engines - Water Pump

Environmental Control Equipment - Crop Storage

Environmental Control Equipment - Animal - Cattle

Environmental Control Equipment - Pig

Environmental Control Equipment - Poultry



Fans and Ducting

Farm Buildings - Equipment

Farm Buildings - General

Farm Power - Wind, Water, Solar and Biogas

Feed Milling Machinery

Feeder Wagons

Feeding and Watering Equipment - Dairy Cattle

Feeding and Watering Equipment - Pig

Feeding and Watering Equipment - Poultry

Feeding and Watering Equipment - Sheep and Goats

Fertiliser Applicators - Liquid Chemical

Fertiliser Metering Systems - Irrigation

Fertiliser Spreaders - Mounted - Granular

Fertiliser Spreaders - Trailed - Granular

Field Tine Cultivator

Fish Breeding Equipment

Fish Feeding Equipment

Fish Processing Equipment

Fish Tanks and Water Treatment

Forage Harvesters

Forage Silos and Clamps

Forage Trailers

Forage Wagons - Self-Loading

Forestry - Chain Saws

Forestry - Hand Tools and Equipment

Forestry - Sawmilling Machinery

Forestry - Stump Cutters

Forestry - Timber Handling and Transport Equipment

Forestry Tractors

Fork Lifts

Front End Loaders

Fruit Harvesters and Pickers

Fruit Processing Machinery

Fruit Trailers and Platforms

Fruit - Weighing, Grading and Packaging Equipment

Fuel Tanks

Fumigation Equipment - Soil and Glasshouse


Generators - Mobile

Generators - Stationary

Glasshouses/Greenhouses - Horticultural

Glasshouse Heating and Ventilation

GPS Systems

Graders - Farm Road

Graders - Land

Grading and Packaging - Fruit

Grading and Sorting Machinery - Crop

Grain Cleaners and Seed Dressers

Grain Driers - Batch

Grain Driers - Bulk In-Store

Grain Driers - Continuous Flow

Grain Driers - Mobile

Grain Drills - Combination Cultivator

Grain Drills - Conventional and Pneumatic

Grain Drills - No-Till/Direct

Grain Harvesting Attachments

Grain Silos, Hoppers and Bins

Grain Stripper Harvesters

Grain Trailers

Grain Warehouses

Grape Harvesting Machinery

Grape Processing Machinery

Grass/Hay Driers

Groundnut Harvesters


Hand Held Sprayers

Hand Tools - Land Development

Hand Tools - Orchard

Hand Tools - Primary Tillage

Hand Tools - Secondary Tillage

Hand Tractors

Harrow - Animal Drawn

Harrow - Heavy Disc - Primary Tillage

Harrow - Offset Disc - Secondary Tillage

Harrow - Power

Harrow - Tandem Disc - Secondary Tillage

Harvesters - Asparagus

Harvesters - Combine

Harvesters - Cotton Picker/Stripper

Harvesters - Forage

Harvesters - Fruit

Harvesters - Grain Stripper

Harvesters - Groundnut/Peanut

Harvesters - Pea and Bean

Harvesters - Rice

Harvesters - Rootcrop

Harvesters - Sugar Beet

Harvesters - Sugar Cane

Harvesters - Tea

Harvesters - Tobacco

Harvesters - Tomato

Harvesters - Tractor Mounted

Harvesters - Vegetable

Health and Safety - First Aid Equipment

Health and Safety - Protective Clothing

Health and Safety - Respirators

Health and Safety - Reversing Safety Products

Hedge Cutting Equipment

Hoppers - Grain/Feed

Horticultural Irrigation Systems

Horticultural Tractors

Housing - Beef Cattle

Housing - Pig

Housing - Poultry

Housing - Sheep and Goat

Hydraulic Markers

Hydroponic Irrigation Systems


Incubators - Poultry

Industrial Crop Processing

Inter-Row Cultivator

Irrigation - Fertiliser Metering Systems

Irrigation Systems - Drip

Irrigation Systems - Horticultural

Irrigation Systems - Hydroponic

Irrigation Systems - Moving Sprinkler

Irrigation Systems - Raingun

Irrigation Systems - Stationary Sprinkler



Knapsack Sprayers


Land Levellers

Land Planes

Laser Levellers

Leaf/Haulm Toppers

Linkages - Tractor

Liquid Chemical Fertiliser Applicators

Livestock Mats

Loaders - Front End

Loaders - Self-Propelled Bucket

Loaders - Silage Clamp


Maize Picker/Husker Harvesters

Maize Shellers

Manure Drying, Composting and Processing Equipment

Manure - Liquid Slurry Injectors

Manure - Liquid - Storage Tanks

Manure - Pressure Washers

Manure Scrapers

Manure Spreaders - Liquid

Manure Spreaders - Solid

Markers - Hydraulic

Marking Devices - Spray Bout

Meteorological Equipment

Milking/Processing Equipment - Sheep and Goats

Milking Parlour Equipment - Dairy

Mixer/Feeder Wagons

Mole Ploughs

Monitoring Equipment - Crop Storage

Mouldboard Plough/Plow

Mounted Granular Fertiliser Spreaders

Mounted Harvesters - Tractor

Mounted Sprayers


Mulching Machinery - Plastic/Polythene



No-Till Grain Drills

No-Till Precision Planters

Nozzles - Sprayer


Offset Disc Harrows - Heavy Duty - Land Development

Offset Disc Harrows - Secondary Tillage

Oilseed Processing Machinery

Orchard Hand Tools (Pruners etc.)

Orchard Sprayers

Orchard Tillage Equipment


Packaging Machinery - Crop

Packers - Soil

Parts - Combine Harvester

Parts - Implement and Equipment

Parts - Livestock Equipment

Parts - Specialist Wearing - Primary Tillage

Parts - Specialist Wearing - Secondary Tillage

Parts - Tractor

Pea Harvesters

Peanut Harvesters

Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids - Cattle

Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids - Pigs

Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids - Sheep and Goats

Pest Control Equipment - Crop Storage

Pest Control Equipment - Animal Welfare

Picker/Husker Harvesters - Maize

Pickers - Stone

Pig - Environmental Control Equipment

Pig Feeding and Watering Equipment

Pig Housing

Pig Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids

Pig - Pest Control Equipment

Pig Waste Disposal Equipment

Pig Weighing and Handling Equipment

Pipelines - Slurry

Planters - Animal Drawn

Planters - Potato

Planters - Precision

Planters - Precision - No-Till

Planters - Sugar Cane Billet

Plastic Mulching Machinery

Plough/Plow - Animal Drawn

Plough/Plow - Chisel

Plough/Plow - Disc

Plough/Plow - Mole

Plough/Plow - Mouldboard

Pond Liners

Post Hole Boring and Setting Machinery

Potato Planters

Poultry Disease and Pest Control Equipment

Poultry - Egg Collection Equipment

Poultry Feeding and Watering Equipment

Poultry Housing and Cages

Poultry - Incubators

Poultry Processing Machinery

Poultry Waste Disposal Equipment

Power Distribution Equipment

Power Harrow

Power - Tillers

Precision Planters

Precision Planters - No-Till


Pumps - Slurry

Pumps - Water



Raingun Irrigation Systems

Raingun - Slurry

Rakes and Windrowers


Rebuilt Combine Harvesters

Rebuilt Tractors

Reciprocating Cultivator

Refrigerated Storage

Research Plot Machinery

Respirators - Health and Safety

Reversing Safety Products

Rice Harvesters

Rice Processing/Milling Machinery

Rice Seedling Production - Mechanised

Rice Transplanters



Rootcrop Cleaners

Rootcrop Harvesters

Rootcrop Processing Machinery

Rootcrop Trailers

Rootcrop and Vegetable Storage

Rotary Cultivator

Rotary Shredders

Rotary Spade Digger


Satellite Positioning Systems

Sawmilling Machinery

Scrapers - Earth Moving

Scrapers - Manure

Secondhand - Tractors

Seed Dressers - Crop

Self-Loading Bale Trailers

Self-Loading Forage Wagons

Self-Propelled Bucket Loaders

Separators - Clod

Shearing Equipment - Sheep and Goats

Sheep and Goats - Feeding and Watering Equipment

Sheep and Goats - Housing

Sheep and Goats - Milking/Processing Equipment

Sheep and Goats - Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids

Sheep and Goats - Shearing Equipment

Sheep and Goats - Weighing Machinery

Shellers - Maize

Shredders - Bale

Shredders - Rotary

Shredders - Stubble

Silage Clamp Loaders/Unloaders

Silos - Forage

Silos - Grain/Feed

Slurry Injectors - Liquid Manure

Slurry Pumps and Pipelines

Slurry Raingun

Slurry Tank Aerators/Agitators

Soil Packers

Solar Power

Solar Water Pumps

Sorting Machinery - Crop

Spade Digger - Rotary

Spray Bout Marking Devices

Sprayers - CDA and ULV

Sprayers - Hand Held

Sprayers - Knapsack

Sprayers - Mounted

Sprayer Nozzles and Control Equipment

Sprayers - Orchard

Sprayers - Self-Propelled

Sprayers - Trailed

Sprayers - Vineyard

Spreaders - Liquid Manure

Spreaders - Solid Manure

Spreaders - Mounted Granular Fertiliser

Spreaders - Trailed - Granular Fertiliser

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems - Moving

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems - Stationary/Hand Move

Stone Pickers

Storage - Cool and Refrigerated

Storage - Machinery

Storage - Pest Control Equipment

Storage - Rootcrop and Vegetable

Straw Bedding Distribution Equipment

Straw Rope Manufacture

Stripper - Grain - Harvester

Submersible Water Pumps


Sugar Beet Harvesters

Sugar Cane Billet Planters

Sugar Cane Harvesters


Tandem Disc Harrows - Secondary Tillage

Tanks - Liquid Manure Storage


Tea Driers

Tea Harvesters


Tillage Equipment - Orchard

Tillers- Power

Timber Handling and Transport Equipment

Tobacco Harvesters

Tomato Harvesters

Tool Bars and Equipment

Tools - Hand - Land Development

Tools - Hand - Primary Tillage

Tools - Hand - Secondary Tillage

Tools - Workshop

Toppers - Leaf/Haulm

Tractor Mounted Harvesters

Tractors - Crawler

Tractors - Forestry

Tractors - Hand

Tractors - Horticultural

Tractors - Wheel

Tractors - Rebuilt and Used

Tractors - Replacement Parts

Tractors - Vineyard - High and Narrow Clearance

Tractor Linkages and Attachments

Tractor Components

Trailed Granular Fertiliser Spreaders

Trailed Sprayers

Trailers - Bale

Trailers - Forage

Trailers - Grain and Rootcrop

Trailers - Self-Loading Bale

Trailers - Water

Transplanters - Rice

Transplanters - Horticultural

Transplanters - Vegetable

Transport - Agricultural Machinery

Transport - Personal

Tree Stump Removal



ULV Sprayers

Used Tractors


Vacuum Tanker - Liquid Manure

Vegetable Harvesters

Vegetable Processing Machinery

Vegetable and Rootcrop Cleaners

Vegetable Storage

Vegetable Transplanters

Veterinary Equipment

Vineyard - Chemical Sprayers

Vineyard - Grape Harvesting Machinery

Vineyard - High and Narrow Clearance Tractors


Warehouses - Grain

Washers - Pressure

Waste Disposal Equipment - Pig

Waste Disposal Equipment - Poultry

Water Filtration and Treatment

Water Pipes and Fittings

Water Power

Water Pumping Windmills

Water Pumps and Engines

Water Pumps - Centrifugal

Water Pumps - Solar

Water Pumps - Submersible

Water Storage - Tanks

Water Storage - Waterproof Liners

Water Trailers/Tankers

Water Treatment - Fish Farming

Watering and Feeding Equipment - Cattle

Weather Stations - Farm

Weed Wiper - Chemical


Weighing Machinery - Dairy/Beef

Weighing Machinery - Crop

Weighing Machinery - Fruit

Weighing Machinery - Pig

Weighing Machinery - Sheep and Goats

Welding Equipment

Wheels and Tracks

Wheel Tractors

Windmills - Water Pumping

Wind Power


Workshop Machinery and Equipment

Workshop Tools

Wrappers - Bale