Di Martino S.p.A., Italy.

Company Contact Address:

Address: Di Martino S.p.A., Via Pavane 1, 36065 Mussolente, (VI), Italy.

Telephone: + 39 0424 8788

Fax: + 39 0424 878900

E.mail address: dimartino@dimartino.it

Website: http://www.dimartino.it

Company Products

1. Hand Held and Knapsack Sprayers

2. Resin Pots

3. Shovels

4. Tool Boxes

Company Profile

The secret of our success is intuition, in choosing certain articles, and the ability to make them just the way users want. Di Martino started off as a producer of spraying systems for the house and garden: from common sprinklers to shoulder pumps, small sprayers and knapsack dusters. Di Martino is now a master in producing every manual device for spraying and dusting. The wide product range allows customers to choose from whole lines offering specific technical features and a unique identity and market position. The variety of models can satisfy both hobbyists and professional users alike. With its Toolbox trademark Di Martino offers particularly robust toolboxes, compibox and drawer units with a capitivating design. The last born are our Pottery Collection flowerpots, keeping only the best features of Italian terracotta, with the added plus of greater lightness, sturdiness and weather proofness.

Paddles, snow shovels, balcony greenhouses and many other articles are sold by Di Martino throughout the world, all highly functional, with an enticing package and all guaranteed, created to satisfy users requirements. "Man size": made for you, if you love gardening, or just for leisure or a hobby!