Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Main Machinery Index

1. Tractors

(a) Hand Tractors/Power Tillers

2. Primary Tillage

Mouldboard Ploughs

3. Secondary Tillage

(a) Push/Manual Type Weeder

4. Sowing and Planting

Conventional and Pneumatic Seed Drills

(b) Precision Planters

(c) Potato Planters

(d) Manual/Hand Seeder

5. Chemical Spraying

Knapsack/Hand Sprayers

6 Grain Harvesting

(a) Reaper/Binders

Power Threshers

(c) Pedal Threshers

7. Vegetable and Rootcrop Harvesting

(a) Potato and Rootcrop Harvesters

8. Crop Drying

(a) Grain Driers (Batch)

9. Crop Processing

(a) Oilseed Processing Machinery

(b) Rice Processing Machinery

Maize Shellers

Straw Cutter

(e) Sugar Cane Crusher

(f) Groundnut Sheller

10. Crop Cleaning, Grading and Weighing

(a) Grading and Sorting Machinery

11. Irrigation

(a) Water Pumps and Pump Engines

12. Farm Power

(a) Stationary Electrical Generators

(b) Mobile Electrical Generators

(c) Diesel and Petrol Engines

13. Water Supply Equipment

(a) Centrifugal Water Pumps

(b) Manual/Hand Water Pumps

14. Workshop Tools and Equipment

(a) Welding Equipment

15. Replacement Parts

(a) Tractor Replacement Parts

(b) Implement/Equipment Replacement Parts