Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Main Machinery Index

1. Tractors

(a) Wheel Tractors (>15.h.p.)

(b) Hand Tractors/Power Tillers

(c) Tractor Components

(d) Used Tractors

2. Land Reclamation and Development

(a) Excavators

(b) Rotary Shredders and Brush Cutters

3. Primary Tillage

(a) Subsoilers

(b) Mouldboard Ploughs

(c) Chisel Ploughs

(d) Disc Ploughs

4. Secondary Tillage

(a) Offset Disc Harrows

(b) Tandem Disc Harrows

(c) Field Tine Cultivator

(d) Rotary Cultivators/Rotavators

(e) Ridgers/Bed Formers

(f) Specialist Wearing Parts

(g) Agricultural Hand Tools

(h) Levelling Blade

5. Sowing and Planting

(a) Conventional and Pneumatic Grain Drills

(b) No-Till Grain Drills

(c) Precision Planters

(d) Rice Transplanters

(e) Mechanised Rice Seedling Production

(f) Plastic Mulch Laying Machinery

(g) Hand Seeder/Grain Drill

6. Chemical Spraying

(a) Mounted Chemical Sprayers

(b) Self-Propelled Sprayer

(c) Hand Held/Knapsack Sprayers

(d) CDA and ULV Sprayers

(e) Aerial Chemical Spraying

(f) Chemical Pumps and Accessories

7. Chemical Fertilising

(a) Fertiliser Spreader (Tractor Mounted)

8. Grain Harvesting

(a) Combine Harvesters

(b) Rice Harvesters

(c) Reaper/Binders

(d) Threshers

9. Vegetable and Rootcrop Harvesting

(a) Potato and Rootcrop Harvesters

(b) Pea and Bean Harvesters

10. Balers and Straw Handling

(a) Conventional Balers

(b) Big Balers

(c) Straw Stubble Shredders

(d) Bale Wrappers

11. Grassland/Forage Harvesting

(a) Forage Harvesters/Choppers

(b) Mowers

(c) Rakes and Windrowers

12. Crop Transport and Handling

(a) Grain and Rootcrop Trailers

(b) Elevators, Conveyors and Augers

(c) Front End Loaders

(d) Self-Propelled Bucket Loaders

(e) Weighbridges

13. Crop Drying

(a) Grain Dryers (Continuous Flow)

(b) Grain Dryers (Batch)

(c) Fans and Ducting

(d) Tobacco Dryers

(e) Specialist Crop Dryers (Mushrooms, Peppers etc.)

14. Crop Storage

(a) Cool and Refrigerated Storage

(b) Pest Control Equipment

(c) Crop Storage Monitoring Equipment

(d) Tarpaulins/Covers

(e) Elevators, Augers and Conveyors

15. Crop Processing

(a) Rice Milling Machinery

(b) Maize Shellers

(c) Straw Cutter/Chopper

16. Crop Cleaning, Grading and Weighing

(a) Crop Weighing Machinery

(b) Bagging and Packaging Machinery

(c) Grading and Sorting Machinery

(d) Grain Cleaners and Seed Dressers

17. Irrigation

(a) Water Pumps and Pump Engines

(b) Stationary Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

(c) Drip Irrigation Systems

(d) Hydroponic Irrigation Systems

(e) Water Filtering Equipment

(f) Fertiliser Metering Equipment

18. Dairy Farming

(a) Environmental/Climate Control Equipment

(b) Dairy Cattle Pest Control Equipment

(c) Dairy Cattle Watering and Feeding Equipment

19. Beef Farming

(a) Environmental/Climate Control Equipment

(b) Beef Cattle Watering and Feeding Equipment

20. Poultry Farming

(a) Environmental/Climate Control Equipment

(b) Poultry Disease and Pest Control Equipment

21. Pig Farming

(a) Pig Watering and Feeding Equipment

(b) Pig Pest Control Equipment

22. Orchard/Fruit Farming

(a) Fruit Weighing, Handling, Grading and Packaging Equipment

(b) Orchard Hand Tools (Pruners etc.)

(c) Orchard Spraying Machinery

23. Fish Farming

(a) Fish Tanks and Water Treatment

24. Farm Power

(a) Diesel and Petrol Engines

25. Animal Waste Handling, Storage and Disposal

(a) Solid Manure Spreaders

(b) Liquid Manure Spreaders/Vacuum Tankers

26. Water Supply Equipment

(a) Submersible Water Pumps

(b) Centrifugal Water Pumps

(c) Water Filtration and Treatment

(d) Water Pipes and Fittings

27. Horticultural/Greenhouse Equipment

(a) Glasshouses/Greenhouses

(b) Glasshouse Heating and Ventilation

(c) Horticultural Irrigation Systems

(d) Soil and Glasshouse Fumigation Equipment

(e) Horticultural Transplanters/Seeders

(f) Pest Control Equipment

(g) Shade Netting

28. Forestry Machinery

(a) Chain Saws

29. Vinyard Machinery

(a) Vinyard Chemical Sprayers

30. Replacement Parts

(a) Tractor Replacement Parts

(b) Combine Harvester Replacement Parts

(c) Implement Replacement Parts

31. Workshop Tools and Equipment

(a) Welding Equipment

32. Health and Safety

(a) Respirators

(b) Protective Clothing

33. Wheels, Tracks and Tyres

(a) Wheels and Tracks