Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Main Machinery Index

1. Tractors

Wheel Tractors

(b) Hand Tractors/Power Tillers

2. Land Reclamation and Development


(b) Earthmoving Scapers and Graders

(c) Excavators

(d) Brush Cutter

3. Chemical Spraying

Knapsack Sprayers

4. Grain Harvesting


(b) Power Threshers

5. Crop Drying

Grain Dryers (Batch)

(b) Tea Dryers

6. Crop Cleaning, Grading and Weighing

Grading and Sorting Machinery

(b) Grain Cleaners and Seed Dressers

7. Crop Processing

Rice Milling Machinery

8. Irrigation

Water Pumps and Pump Engines

9. Fruit Farming

Power Sprayer

10. Farm Power

Stationary Generators

(b) Mobile Generators

(c) Diesel and Petrol Engines

11. Water Supply Equipment

Centrifugal Water Pumps

(b) Submersible Water Pumps

12. Workshop Tools and Equipment

Welding Equipment

13. Wheels, Tracks and Tyres

Wheels and Tracks

(b) Tyres