Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Main Machinery Index

1. Tractors

(a) Wheel Tractors (>15 h.p.)

(b) Hand Tractors/Power Tillers

(c) Tractor Components

(d) Mini Tractors (4 wheel)

2. Primary Tillage

(a) Mouldboard Ploughs

(b) Agricultural Hand Tools

(c) Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

(d) Chisel Plough

(e) Subsoiler

3. Secondary Tillage

(a) Rotary Cultivators

(b) Agricultural Hand Tools

(c) Levelling Blade

(d) Reciprocating Cultivator & Power Harrow

(e) Offset Disc Harrow

(f) Tandem Disc Harrow

(g) Implement and Equipment Replacement Parts

4. Sowing and Planting

(a) Conventional and Pneumatic Grain Drills

(b) Combination Cultivator/Grain Drills

(c) Rice Transplanter

(d) Sugar Cane Billet Planter

(e) Precision Seed Planter

5. Chemical Spraying

(a) Hand Held and Knapsack Sprayers

(b) Pumps and Accessories

6. Grain Harvesting

(a) Combine Harvesters

(b) Rice Harvesters

(c) Thresher

(d) Reaper/Binder

(e) Specialist Grain Harvesting Attachment

7. Balers and Straw Handling

(a) Conventional Pick-Up Balers

8. Grassland/Forage Harvesting

(a) Forage Harvesters

(b) Mowers

(c) Rakes and Windrowers

9. Crop Transport and Handling

(a) Grain and Crop Trailers

(b) Diet Mixer/Feeder Wagons

(c) Fork Lifts

(d) Front End Loaders

10. Crop Storage

(a) Grain Silos, Hoppers and Bins

(b) Elevators, Augers and Conveyors

11. Crop Processing

(a) Animal Feed Milling Machinery

(b) Rice Milling Machinery

12. Crop Cleaning, Grading and Weighing

(a) Grain Cleaners and Seed Dressers

13. Irrigation

(a) Water Pumps and Pump Engines

(b) Stationary Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

(c) Moving Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

(d) Drip Irrigation Systems

14. Land Drainage

(a) Backhoe Digger/Loaders

15. Dairy Farming

(a) Milking Parlour Equipment

(b) Watering and Feeding Equipment

16. Beef Farming

(a) Watering and Feeding Equipment

17. Poultry Farming

(a) Incubating Equipment

18. Fish Farming

(a) Fish Tanks and Water Treatment

19. Farm Power

(a) Diesel and Petrol Engines

(b) Generators

20. Water Supply Equipment

(a) Centrifugal Water Pumps

21. Horticultural/Greenhouse Equipment

(a) Glasshouses/Greenhouses

22. Replacement Parts

(a) Implement and Equipment Replacement Parts