Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Main Machinery Index

1. Secondary Tillage

(a) Offset Disc Harrows

(b) Field Tine Cultivators

(c) Levelling Blade

2. Sowing and Planting

Potato Planter

3. Grain Harvesting


4. Crop Transport and Handling

(a) Grain and Rootcrop Trailers

5. Crop Drying

(a) Grain Dryers (Batch)

(b) Specialist Crop Driers (Mushroom, Peppers etc)

6. Crop Processing

(a) Oilseed Processing Machinery

(b) Rice Processing Machinery

(c) Maize Shellers

(d) Flour Milling Machinery

7. Crop Cleaning, Grading and Weighing

(a) Grading and Sorting Machinery

(b) Grain Cleaners and Seed Dressers

7. Irrigation

(a) Water Pumps and Pump Engines

8. Water Supply Equipment

(a) Centrifugal Water Pumps

(b) Water Storage Tanks

9. Replacement Parts

(a) Tractor Replacement Parts

10. Wheels, Tracks and Tyres

(a) Wheels and Tracks