Spanish Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory
Machinery Index (P-S)


16. PP

Packaging Machinery - Crop

Packers - Soil

Parts - Combine Harvester

Parts - Implement and Equipment

Parts - Livestock Equipment

Parts - Specialist Wearing - Primary Tillage

Parts - Specialist Wearing - Secondary Tillage

Parts - Tractor

Pea Harvesters

Peanut Harvesters

Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids - Cattle

Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids - Pigs

Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids - Sheep and Goats

Pest Control Equipment - Crop Storage

Pest Control Equipment - Animal Welfare

Picker/Husker Harvesters - Maize

Pickers - Stone

Pig - Environmental Control Equipment

Pig Feeding and Watering Equipment

Pig Housing

Pig Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids

Pig - Pest Control Equipment

Pig Waste Disposal Equipment

Pig Weighing and Handling Equipment

Pipelines - Slurry

Planters - Animal Drawn

Planters - Potato

Planters - Precision

Planters - Precision - No-Till

Planters - Sugar Cane Billet

Plastic Mulching Machinery

Plough/Plow - Animal Drawn

Plough/Plow - Chisel

Plough/Plow - Disc

Plough/Plow - Mole

Plough/Plow - Mouldboard

Pond Liners

Post Hole Boring and Setting Machinery

Potato Planters

Poultry Disease and Pest Control Equipment

Poultry - Egg Collection Equipment

Poultry Feeding and Watering Equipment

Poultry Housing and Cages

Poultry - Incubators

Poultry Processing Machinery

Poultry Waste Disposal Equipment

Power Distribution Equipment

Power Harrow

Power - Tillers

Precision Planters

Precision Planters - No-Till


Pumps - Slurry

Pumps - Water

17. QQ

18. RR

Raingun Irrigation Systems

Raingun - Slurry

Rakes and Windrowers


Rebuilt Combine Harvesters

Rebuilt Tractors

Reciprocating Cultivator

Refrigerated Storage

Research Plot Machinery

Respirators - Health and Safety

Reversing Safety Products

Rice Harvesters

Rice Processing/Milling Machinery

Rice Seedling Production - Mechanised

Rice Transplanters



Rootcrop Cleaners

Rootcrop Harvesters

Rootcrop Processing Machinery

Rootcrop Trailers

Rootcrop and Vegetable Storage

Rotary Cultivator

Rotary Shredders

Rotary Spade Digger

19. SS

Satellite Positioning Systems

Sawmilling Machinery

Scrapers - Earth Moving

Scrapers - Manure

Secondhand - Tractors

Seed Dressers - Crop

Self-Loading Bale Trailers

Self-Loading Forage Wagons

Self-Propelled Bucket Loaders

Separators - Clod

Shearing Equipment - Sheep and Goats

Sheep and Goats - Feeding and Watering Equipment

Sheep and Goats - Housing

Sheep and Goats - Milking/Processing Equipment

Sheep and Goats - Pens, Fences, Gates and Grids

Sheep and Goats - Shearing Equipment

Sheep and Goats - Weighing Machinery

Shellers - Maize

Shredders - Bale

Shredders - Rotary

Shredders - Stubble

Silage Clamp Loaders/Unloaders

Silos - Forage

Silos - Grain/Feed

Slurry Injectors - Liquid Manure

Slurry Pumps and Pipelines

Slurry Raingun

Slurry Tank Aerators/Agitators

Soil Packers

Solar Power

Solar Water Pumps

Sorting Machinery - Crop

Spade Digger - Rotary

Spray Bout Marking Devices

Sprayers - CDA and ULV

Sprayers - Hand Held

Sprayers - Knapsack

Sprayers - Mounted

Sprayer Nozzles and Control Equipment

Sprayers - Orchard

Sprayers - Self-Propelled

Sprayers - Trailed

Sprayers - Vinyard

Spreaders - Liquid Manure

Spreaders - Solid Manure

Spreaders - Mounted Granular Fertiliser

Spreaders - Trailed - Granular Fertiliser

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems - Moving

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems - Stationary/Hand Move

Stone Pickers

Storage - Cool and Refrigerated

Storage - Machinery

Storage - Pest Control Equipment

Storage - Rootcrop and Vegetable

Straw Bedding Distribution Equipment

Straw Rope Manufacture

Stripper - Grain - Harvester

Submersible Water Pumps


Sugar Beet Harvesters

Sugar Cane Billet Planters

Sugar Cane Harvesters