Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Main Machinery Index (A-Z)

Machinery Index (A-Z)

Agricultural Hand Tools

Animal Drawn Cultivators/Harrows

Animal Feed Milling Machinery

Animal Drawn Ploughs

Centrifugal Water Pumps

Coffee Processing Machinery

Field Tine Cultivator

Grain and Crop Trailers

Grain Cleaners and Seed Dressers

Grain Dryers (Batch Type)

Hand Held/Knapsack Sprayers

Hand Seeders

Industrial Crop Processing (Sugar Cane, Cotton, Tea etc.)

Maize Shellers

Mouldboard Ploughs

Oilseed Processing Machinery

Rice Processing Machinery

Rice Transplanters


Tea Dryers


Tobacco Dryers

Water Pumping Windmills

Water Trailers/Bowsers

Wheat Flour Milling

Wheel Tractors

Wind, Water, Solar and Biogas Power