Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory

Main Machinery Index

1. Tractors

(a) Wheel Tractors

(b) Hand Tractors/Power Tiller

2. Land Reclamation and Development

(a) Rotary Shredders and Brushcutters

3. Primary Tillage

(a) Subsoilers

(b) Mouldboard Ploughs

(c) Disc Ploughs

4. Secondary Tillage

(a) Offset Disc Harrows

(b) Rotary Cultivators/Rotavators

(c) Ridgers/Bed Formers

(d) Agricultural Hand Tools

(e) Levelling Blade

(f) Floating/Turtle Tiller

5. Sowing and Planting

(a) Conventional and Pneumatic Seed Drills

(b) Precision Planters

(c) Rice Transplanters

(d) Sugarcane Billet Planters

(e) Hand Seeder

6. Chemical Spraying

(a) Hand Held and Knapsack Sprayers

7. Chemical Fertilising

Mounted Granular Fertiliser Spreaders

8. Grain Harvesting

(a) Rice Combine/Stripper Harvesters

(b) Maize Picker/Husker Harvesters

(c) Reapers/Binders

(d) Power Threshers

(e) Pedal Threshers

9. Crop Handling

(a) Grain and Rootcrop Trailers

(b) Elevators, Augers and Conveyors

10. Crop Drying and Cleaning

(a) Grain Dryer (Batch)

(b) Grain Dryer (Mobile)

(c) Coffee Dryer

11. Crop Storage

(a) Grain Silos, Hoppers and Bins

(b) Crop Storage Monitoring Equipment

(c) Elevators, Augers and Conveyors

12. Crop Processing

(a) Animal Feed Milling Machinery

(b) Rice Milling/Processing Machinery

(c) Maize/Corn Shellers

(d) Coffee Processing

(e) Groundnut/Peanut Shellers

13. Crop Cleaning, Grading and Weighing

(a) Grading and Sorting Machinery

(b) Grain Cleaners and Seed Dressers

14. Irrigation

(a) Water Pumps

15. Land Drainage

(a) Tractor Mounted Ditchers

16. Poultry Farming

(a) Poultry Housing and Cages

17. Farm Power

(a) Stationary Generators

(b) Mobile Generators

(c) Diesel and Petrol Engines

18. Water Supply Equipment

(a) Borehole Drilling Machinery

(b) Centrifugal Water Pumps

(c) Water Pumping Windmills

19. Replacement Parts

Implement/Equipment Replacement Parts

20. Workshop Tools and Equipment

(a) Workshop Tools

21. Wheels, Tracks and Tyres

(a) Wheels