Machinery Manufacturers


1(c) Hand Tractors/Power Tillers

Abando's Hand Tractor Factory, Philippines.

Abomar Corporation, Philippines.

Abrazado Welding Shop, Philippines.

ACL Farm Hardware and Repair Shop, Philippines.

ACT Machineries & Metalcraft Corporation, Philippines.

Act Machinery & Metal Corporation, Philippines.

Ador Tractor Repair Shop, Philippines.

Adrian Iron Works, Philippines.

Agro-Industrial Ventures, Philippines.

Agustin General Engineering Services, Philippines.

Alpha Machinery and Engineering Corporation, Philippines.

Antoniel Fabricating Center, Philippines.

A. Perez Enterprises & Welding Shop, Philippines.

Asian Gulf Distributor, Philippines.

Atin Metal Craft, Philippines.

Bebing's Metalcraft, Philippines.

Bonnie Farm Machineries, Philippines.

BQA Metal Craft, Philippines.

Cachuela Metalcraft, Philippines.

Cagayan Engineering and Machine Works, Philippines.

Caspillo Enterprises, Philippines.

C & B Crafts Factory, Philippines.

CM Agricultural Implements, Philippines.

Culasito Welding Shop, Philippines.

Dames Metal Craft, Philippines.

DLM Machine and Welding Shop, Philippines.

Enteng Iron Works, Philippines.

Equity Machinery Corporation, Philippines.

Filipinas Electro Ind. Corp., Philippines.

GKH Metal Craft, Philippines.

Godfrey Metal Industries, Philippines.

Grainfield Metalcraft, Philippines.

Green Valley Machineries, Philippines.

Rino's Enterprises, Philippines.

Isturis Fabrication and Welding Shop, Philippines.

I.V. Cabrera Agri-Machineries & Parts, Philippines.

Jamandre Industries Inc., Philippines.

Jarvis Manufacturing, Philippines.

Jaspe Light Steel Industries Inc., Philippines.

JR Fabrication and Metalcraft, Philippines.

Juanito Samson Welding Shop, Philippines.

JV Ocampo Hand Tractor, Philippines.

Kato International, Philippines.

Kubota Agro-Industrial Machinery Philippines Inc., Philippines. **

Libmanan Agri-Link, Philippines.

LM Cruz Welding and Machine Shop, Philippines.

Los Banos Agricultural Machinery, Philippines.

M & W Distributing Co., Philippines.

M. Bernardo Enterprises, Philippines.

M. Magallanes Metalcraft, Philippines.

M. Prado's Welding Shop, Philippines.

Market Developers Inc., Philippines.

Marz Machine Shop, Philippines.

MC Machine Shop, Philippines.

Mechaphil Incorporated, Philippines.

Mindanao Integrated Machineries, Philippines.

Mitsubomar Agri-Machinery, Philippines.

M'Lang Machineries and General Merchandise, Philippines.

Morallo Industries, Philippines.

Natomo Light Metal Craft, Philippines.

New Vigan Liberty Marketing, Phillipines.

Omar Yapchiongco, Philippines.

Payanig Agricultural and Metal Craft, Philippines.

Peoples Machine Shop, Philippines.

Philgerma Manufacturing Incorporated, Philippines.

P.I. Farm Products Incorporated, Philippines.

Ponsing Welding and Repair Shop, Philippines.

RNE Marketing, Philippines.

RS Power Tiller, Philippines.

Sambayanan Kaagapay Trading, Philippines.

Sanram Agricultural and Farm Machinery, Philippines.

San Vincente Agri Inventions, Philippines.

Separa Enterprises, Philippines.

Subaldo Welding and Machine Shop, Philippines.

Sunritz Ventures, Philippines.

Super Trade Enterprises, Philippines.

Superior Metal Craft (SMC), Philippines.

SV Agro-Industries Enterprises Inc., Philippines.

Tasson's Construction Corporation, Philippines.

Tom Metal Craft Industry, Philippines.

Tony's Welding Shop, Philippines.

Tormon Metalcraft, Philippines.

Tramat Mercantile Inc., Philippines.

Tropics Agro-Industries, Philippines.

Try Me Agro-Industry, Philippines.

V.G. Machine Shop, Philippines.