Paru Co. Ltd., Korea.

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Address: Paru Co. Ltd., 42-2 Sunchun Industrial Complex, Sunchun-City, Chun-Nam, Korea.

Telephone: + 82 61 759 5192

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Company Profile

Since the foundation of the company in 1993, Paru has been building up unshakable trust in both agricultural and livestock farming industries in Korea as one of the leading developers and distributors of environmental control systems. As a leader in the development of the farming and livestock industry in Korea, we have developed numerous environmental control machines such as: Automated Temperature and Humidity Control System, Water Sprinkler, Automated Agricultural Chemical Solution Spraying System, and Air Circulation Systems for use in both the agricultural and livestock farming industries.

At the heart of our efforts towards advancement, there has always been the belief that our advanced technology is responsible for our successes in this field, along with a management philosophy that makes customers our permanent top priority. Our goal of customer satisfaction will remain our top priority. We will always remember to extend our dedication to our customers, stockholders, cooperative partners, and our employees who made our success possible.

Since acquiring EM mark certification for our ceramic nozzle, we have developed and distributed more than twenty products using our own technology including the following: Aircool Air Cooling System, Self-Operating Pest-Control System, Electrostatic Charge Electrification Nozzle, Automated Temperature and Humidity Control Systems. In addition to this, our achievements and technologies have been recognized both by government and industrial specialists; products we have developed with our own technology have successfully replaced those that had been dependent solely on foreign imports and this achievement has been widely recognized by the government and various institutions; we received numerous prestigious awards such as the Best Venture Corporation, the Best Venture Businessmen Award, and the Model
Small-to-Medium-Sized Businessmen. We also had the honor of being recognized as one of the Promising Small-to-Medium Size Exporting Companies and the CSA (CUS) approval. We believe that these achievements would not have been possible without our tireless efforts towards the development of new technology. The fact that we have applied for practical patents, design patents and registration for over 75 cases is proof of our dedication to the development of new technology.

Paru is proud to report to you that we are successfully exporting our products to 35 countries around the world, including the U.S.A.,
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and many other European countries. In particular, among environmental control equipment producing manufacturers in Korea, we are the only one to have ever successfully exported products to the Netherlands. Technology recognized by world famous environment specialists and institutions and a sales and marketing web that stretches around the world has helped Paru to advance in the world market and become an outstanding environmental control systems distributor.

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